SSbD leverages the existing approaches to provide indicators, methodologies and tools for safety, environmental, social and economic assessment of new products. With this purpose, Kveloce has been working together with other project partners, IDENER and VTT, on the ViSS SSbD framework. This framework will be followed to assess ViSS novel solutions on food packaging bioplastics to assure that they fulfil SSbD standards, thus contributing to the acceleration of the circular economy transition through innovative, safe and sustainable materials.

In the meeting, the importance of designing practices considering the tri-dimensionality nature of sustainability (environmental, economic and social) was highlighted. Indeed, ViSS SSbD strategy is focused on balancing criteria across the full material cycle, from design to end-of-life of the PHBV value chain.

Photo credits: José Benedicto by Kveloce