The European project ViSS releases 14 brief interviews to explain the new biobased value chain.

These video interviews cover a fascinating transformation process, starting with the collection of industrial food residues and ending with the creation of sustainable and recyclable food packaging.

The project participants explain each phase of the process. It begins with the optimisation and upscaling of the production of PHBV, which is then formulated and compounded to achieve the required material properties. After validating the material properties, the process moves from the transformation of the PHBV compound into the target food packaging.

The effort required to create biodegradable packaging applications has not ended. To optimise and model the process, a SSbD (Safe and Sustainable by Design) framework will be applied for assessing and assuring the safety and the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the solution.

The ViSS project will demonstrate that the shift from fossil-based plastics to biobased and biodegradable plastics is possible not only in functional terms but also from a safety and sustainability perspective” – said José Antonio Plaza, the Project Coordinator.

The project lays its foundation on a new methodological approach that involves specific actions for public engagement, targeting citizens and consumers. This is well reflected in the ViSS value chain, where the tasks’ codependency brings partners to operate in a spirit of collaboration.

Join us to discover how ViSS bioplastics are created. Watch, learn and connect the pieces with our project partners.