The Earth Day is a global celebration honouring the environmental movement and sustainable policies. The event is of major importance for the ViSS project, as the theme for the 2024 edition is “Planet vs. Plastic” and intends to raise significant awareness across all sectors of society on the health and environmental risks associated with fossil-based plastics.

First held on April 22, 1970, the Earth Day has evolved into the largest civic event on Earth, mobilizing over 1 billion people annually across 192 countries. The event engages individuals, industries and governments in phasing out single-use plastic and calling for a 60% reduction in its production by 2040. Additionally, the event will represent a significant opportunity to push for a robust UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution.

Numerous initiatives will be organised around the world, offering everyone the opportunity to shape a better and more sustainable future. Visit the following link for more information.


Picture courtesy of Chaiyan Anuwatmongkolchai, Pixabay