One of the topics that will be discussed during the upcoming World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF), within the Innovation Forum 4 Plastics, is concerning innovative solutions for designing and managing sustainable plastic food packaging.

This event is an excellent opportunity for different EU research and innovation projects to share their ideas and opinions on the challenges of plastic waste. By attending the forum, ViSS hopes to expand its network and gain valuable insights from other projects to maximize the sustainable and circular management and use of natural resources.

Ph: Sergio Otoya


The meeting served as a fruitful occasion for partners to share updates, exchange ideas and pave the way towards the next phase of the project. More specifically, ViSS partners had the opportunity to look more in detail at the technical specifications required for the ViSS value chain. They also discussed processes to optimize PHBV production, considering the industrial upscaling necessary to facilitate decision-making.

The Consortium had also the chance to go through the principles and categories of the Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) Framework, as well as the development of the ViSS ICT platform.

The second day began with two interesting workshops, one, aimed to introduce the methodology towards the identification of the Key Exploitable Results library and, the second one, covered data and ethics requirements. All partners were then interviewed in videos to raise awareness of their contribution throughout the new ViSS value chain.

In line with the project’s mission, these two-day meetings revamped the partners’ full dedication to make the necessary technical steps ahead and towards the establishment of the new value chain of the ViSS project.